Living with Wild Turkeys: the gang of five

Wild turkey gobblers eating acorns under oak tree near Pensacola, Florida. Photo taken January 11, 2012.

The acorn crop this winter has been abundant. A group of wild turkey gobblers we call the Gang of Five moves from oak tree to oak tree in a ring all around the house. There is a larger group of hens and young turkeys that comes around to graze, too, but they plan their visits to avoid the feisty boys.

I went upstairs, opened a sliding glass door and stepped out onto a second story covered deck to try to get a shot without window glass in the middle. They spotted me and began to move off toward the cover of nearby woods, but didn’t fly. More photos at The Daily Point and Shoot.

3 thoughts on “Living with Wild Turkeys: the gang of five

  1. It’s always amazed me how such seemingly awkward and defenseless creatures survive in the wild. Perhaps the wild isn’t as wild as we believe.


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