Shrimp Stir-Fry

Just because I got rid of almost all my cookbooks doesn’t mean we don’t still eat. It’s just that after 40 years of learning how to cook, I think I’ve got the basics pretty well down. Besides, all the hot and cold running foodie Apps on my various wireless devices offer recipes, stylish food photography, and articles in case I am in sudden need of diversion.

We bought a couple of pounds of jumbo Gulf shrimp a few days ago. The first night we poached the shrimp in a seasoned court-bouillon and ate them, along with some cocktail blue crab claws. Buck makes a killer dipping sauce with ketchup, horseradish, Tabasco, Worcestershire and a tad of mayonnaise.  I saved half the shelled shrimp in a zip-lock bag to use for a stir-fry of onion, sweet red pepper, broccoli, garlic and mushrooms the next night. The bubbling mini-cauldron in the picture is boiling angel hair pasta. Good stuff.

2 thoughts on “Shrimp Stir-Fry

  1. Your post brought wonderful memories flooding back. When the love of my life and I eloped at 19 and set up house in the university slum housing, the wife of the head of the art department, who was Asian/Hawaiian, dropped by one day with a wok, a Chinese cookbook, a half pound of shrimp and some vegetables. She transformed them into one of the most memorable meals I’ve ever eaten. That gift and a cram course in Chinese cuisine began our love affair with Asian food. Forty-some years later, the cookbook is tattered, the wok was gifted to one of our daughters and food is still a powerful tie that binds Anne and I one to the other.


    1. What a lovely memory, David. Your benefactress must have seemed like an angel. She not only provided immediate sustenance and encouragement to two young rebels in love, but started you on a course that led you to writing about food as a career. Wonderful love story all the way around.


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