Everyday Life

A professional photographer with a high quality camera and lens and the knowledge to use it would have a field day around here. These hens were moving from the oak tree out back to one on the side of the house when Buck and I saw them. I decided to try the video cam function on his little Nikon to see if it was possible to capture the alpha gobbler all fanned out, keeping the younger one away from his hens. The window screen is a major impediment. Nonetheless, I love this grainy little video, more for what it captures of the tenderness inherent in the conversation and manner of the humans than what it shows of the turkeys. Doesn’t Buck sound just the way you thought he would?

3 thoughts on “Everyday Life

  1. So nice. You and Buck, relaxed and natural, catching a bit of wonder in the bird world. I liked hearing your hubby chuckle at something you said. One of these days, I’d love the four of us to get together. One never knows what will come.


    1. That would be lovely, Deanna. We have a big Atlas and a huge pile of AAA TourBooks scattered out over the dining table right now, and have been poring over the maps. Think “massive road trip.” One possible route would take us all the way to Oregon and the northern coast of Caliornia. Maybe we’ll get that chance and can share a cup of tea at one of those sweet little Oregon cafes! (I know you’re gluten-free, but personally, I still have fond memories of a slice of great blueberry pie from a little cafe on the coast.)


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