Philosopher Lao-tzu’s oft-quoted “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” has been alternately translated as “The journey of a thousand miles begins beneath one’s feet” or “Even the longest journey must begin where you stand.”

Buck and I pore over maps. I ponder the perfection of a baby’s foot with all of its as yet unrealized potential. My own feet have been in the world for more than sixty years now. The toes are a little crooked, and both feet have bunions that bear witness to the years I wore ill-fitting, uncomfortable, adorable high heels. There’s a small scar on my right big toe where a bottle of cheap cologne broke and cut it when I was racing to get packed for a high school train trip to Washington, D.C.  – – the same trip where I had laryngitis and couldn’t speak, even to express awe at the monuments. I’ve had three broken metatarsal bones on my right foot, and they both have several small plantar fibromas on the bottom.

Is it my Calvinist ancestors who have whispered in my ear all these years that a professional pedicure is an indulgence bordering on sin? Whatever. I’m laughing at my oh-so-serious self now, and say thank you to my dear strong feet who have carried me so far in this wondrous life, and who have many places yet to go.

Ta da. My first ever pedicure, before and after.  Not exactly a “bucket list” accomplishment, but my oh my, wait’ll you see the upcoming itinerary . . .

15 thoughts on “Prep

  1. I am wearing toe socks (like gloves, but for your feet) on my feet right now!

    Hahaha, my son got them for his upcoming class trip to Costa Rica, but he refused to wear them, so my daughter gave them to me. My daughter has teddy bear toe socks, but mine are just plain Jane white (and feel very formal).

    I feel so special!


    1. Hi Tim! Great to hear from you — I love toe socks — used to have a pair that looked like piano keys; another that were like candy canes. Wish I still had them, especially the piano keys pair. They made me laugh every time I looked at my feet. Maybe you should attach little floppy black bow ties to the tops of your formal toe socks . . . (if you do, send me a picture).


  2. Congratulations! (I’ve not had one either) Any excuse for a journey is a good one in my book the more borderline sinful the better and you know those are happy toes 🙂


  3. Hi Susan — I’ve missed you! Yes, they are happy feet. I love that red polish. You know, it was funny. I was intimidated to go; but there was just this nice young woman who settled me into a comfy spa chair (like a dentist chair without the scary metal accoutrements). My feet went into this marvelous vat of hot bubbling water, and I RELAXED. She told me about her kids, her husband (the one she’s in love with, not the first one), and her career path while she worked on my toes. It wasn’t faux glamourous like I had feared; it was just nice; sweet.


    1. Hey West Coast Elizabeth! I think astounding is an excellent word. Or maybe “goofus.” We have a saying around our house: “Goofus is as goofus does.”


  4. I love pedicures, and I always think they are the perfect indulgence because they are relaxing but at the end of it you get a nice looking foot. However, I didn’t grow up having pedicures and it took my college-age daughter to drag me to the salon a few years ago. So I understand where you’re coming from. But now that you’ve started, you won’t go back!


  5. My daughter dragged me for my first pedicure about 3 years ago. I love the results but absolutely hate the process. I am embarrassed, bored, self conscious, and sure that the pedicurist is laughing at me in another language

    Time to get one, though, as sandal weather is almost upon us here in the north.

    And, woman, how come I didn’t know about your new website??



    1. Hi Loretta! I love the results, but it’s the process I’m going back for. Of course, my pedicurist is a sweet southernn gal named Debbie, and put me completely at ease (not all that easy, so kudos to her).

      Uh, I dunno . . . maybe it has something to with a wedding, a beach house, kids, dogs, your job, your art, etcetera etcetera. You think? In any case, welcome! (By the way, this WordPress theme is called “Forever” and is actually designed to be used for people who are planning weddings. Has a lot of cool features.


  6. I’ve had about 4 pedis (that’s what we au courants call it). My oldest has had about skeetenmillion and the youngest about half a skeeten. I wore new sandals the other day to work. My nails, though not pedi’d, were neat, filed, and all of the same short size. My colleague admired my new sandals and then quickly said, “But you need a pedi.” Seriously? Why? So tomorrow, whilst on the Cape, I shall find a pedi. Peer pressure.


  7. hmm – somehow I fell into a black hole where I commented on something I’d already commented on. Unless of course you have another commentor named Loretta who goes to the cape…..


  8. Pedi. Pedi. Got it. Gosh, I love learning a new language! I’m going for another one before we go to Maggie Valley. Got a cute frock for porch-sitting in the mountains, so I’ll either be barefoot or wearing sandals, so a pedi (did I say it right?) is essential. Don’t think I’ve ever used the word “frock” before, but if you saw it, you would recognize it for a summer, porch-sitting frock immediately. It’s a green tiny-print, sleeveless maxi (from J. Jill). I’m shooting for the urban peasant au courant look . . . 🙂 Of course, it may just look frumpy and/or silly. Sigh. p.s. Add Anna Quindlen’s new memoir, Lots of Candles Plenty of Cake to your summer reading list.


  9. I don’t care. What the heck? You didn’t write the same thing . . . after all, there are big-doings in your neck of the woods. A girl can get confused.


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