A Cow, a Dog, and a Woman

This tickled my funny bone. It’s from our “North end of the county” online newspaper. It involves a woman chasing a Boston Bull terrier who is chasing a cow across four lanes of traffic. “Reporters” on the scene got pictures. The comments are probably the best part.

3 thoughts on “A Cow, a Dog, and a Woman

    1. I think so, too, Richard. It’s one of the few places left where certain strains of craziness are prized and coddled like aged bourbon.

      Old Harold still comes by every week or two to bring me something from his garden. We sit at the kitchen counter and I ply him with “fancy” coffee while he tells me stories. I never know what local event will set him off.

      He brought me cuttings from his wife’s oak leaf hydrangea a couple of weeks ago. They were doing fairly well. Then I walked out one morning and saw the nice big leaves had been eaten and there was a clear deer hoof imprint in the soft dirt beside the bush. I was relieved, actually. Now I can blame their demise on the deer rather than my black thumb.

      In that news photo, I thought the dog looked very pleased with himself.


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