The Pensacola Hotel for Dogs and Cats

I’d had my eye on the good folks  at the Pensacola Hotel for Dogs and Cats for a while, but I just couldn’t bring myself to take Maggie’s beds, mats, brushes and dishes to them to use for their furry charges. They are an adoption and rescue shelter for abandoned dogs and cats and run solely on donations, so money and supplies are always needed. They have an exceptional Facebook presence, and give a steady stream of updates like this one:

ADOPTION UPDATE: Juicy Fruit, our sweet little pug went to her forever home today. We thank the new family of Juicy Fruit for opening their heart and home to this most deserving little soul.

Or this:

HOTEL WISH LIST: Many people call and ask what is hotel in need of. The following is a wish list of needed items: Iams Mini Chunks DRY dog food(green package), inexpensive non-scoopable cat litter, plastic litter boxes, Friskies or Purina dry cat chow, paper towels, odaban or bleach, and any type of used linens, such as sheets, towels, blankets, bed pillows, dog beds, dog/cat toys. We, and our furry friends appreciate your donations. Thank You.

About ten days ago, I transferred all of Maggie’s things from the big closet where I had hidden them from sight into the trunk of our car and drove across town to the Pensacola Hotel for Dogs and Cats. It was a Wednesday, and they weren’t open, so I left everything on the porch and took a few pictures of this place that exudes such a sweet spirit. And then I cried all the way home.

6 thoughts on “The Pensacola Hotel for Dogs and Cats

  1. What a wonderful thing for you to do, Beth. I’d missed Maggie’s passing and so went back and read the thread. I am sorry. As a dog guy, I understand. The only cure is time—and another dog. I thought I’d never get over losing our Jack but it’s better, and Belle helps.


    1. I’m glad to hear Belle has joined your writing team, Richard! This is the first time in our lives together that we’ve been “without dog” and as you can imagine the house is awfully quiet. But we’re going to make this a “road trip” phase and just quit the place for awhile. Who knows? When this phase ends and we settle in to what may be a cottage in the woods, we just might get two.


  2. I’m not a dog person; cats impress me more. But Emma and I still miss our dim but loveable black cat Dave, now long gone, so this resonates, Beth.


    1. A “dim but loveable black cat” with the name of Dave just cries meows out to become a fictional private investigator’s sidekick, Dick. Our granddaughter has a slinky black cat named Winston, who plays tricks on everyone and then charms them out of being mad with him about his nefarious deeds. He’s a real piece of work.


    1. My ignorance of India distresses me. Maybe a wonderful first step is a woman named Mira who translates, writes and dreams and a Gujarati-speaking pup named Snoopy.


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