Still Standing

It’s Sunday morning, foggy and warm enough for a mosquito to buzz near my ear. The old farm gate survived a recent bashing from a little red car that missed the curve. The dents warped the metal. It wobbles on its hinges.  The work of opening and closing will still get done, but the smooth arc and whoosh of wind is gone forever.

6 thoughts on “Still Standing

    1. Our friend, Harold, couldn’t stand it. He wanted to take the gate off to his shop and bang on it, maybe even get out his old welding equipment. I told him not to. Don’t know why, exactly, but the little red car is now part of the gate’s own story and I guess I like it that way, mabye because I’ll think about it that red car every time I carefully open and close the gate. Harold just shook his head.


  1. Hi, Beth! Your writing is just gorgeous. It makes me homesick for a place that is not California. What a beautiful blog. I notice Richard Gilbert commented here – I follow him now after a friend of mine repeatedly sent me posts by him that I loved. So neat to make connections! Keep writing. You just must! -Kate


    1. You’re too kind, Kate. Thank you. Yes, Richard is such a fine writer. He began encouraging me to write after Brevity published one of my essays in their Winter 2009 issue (#29). You can read it here:


      1. That’s awesome! Did you know that Brevity is especially seeking women writers now for an upcoming issue? I have it marked on my calendar. I love Dinty W. Moore. What a feat for you to be published under him! Congratulations.


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