Good Reading: Mark Twain’s Collected Travels

I am delighting in armchair travel with a superb Kindle edition of The Collective Travels of Mark Twain. It includes Roughing It, The Innocents Abroad, A Tramp Abroad, and Following the Equator.

The first page of the preface of Roughing It had me hooked.

It is a record of several years of variegated vagabondizing, and its object is rather to help the resting reader while away an idle hour than afflict him with metaphysics, or goad him with science.

You might say I’m getting my mind right, even if my bags aren’t packed yet.

7 thoughts on “Good Reading: Mark Twain’s Collected Travels

  1. He could write! I just finished the first third of Life on the Mississippi, and after a slow couple chapters the core of it is just great. It ends with a hilarious battle between Twain and the steamboat pilot who was training him. Twain got thrown off the ship, which blew up downriver, taking the pilot with it. Unfortunately Twain’s brother was fatally injured.


  2. I love Mark Twain! Sometime you should visit his old stomping grounds in Hannibal, MO. What a quaint little town, and still draped so heavily with his influence. I am jealous of your reading time right now. I am in the middle of a huge book I’ve been (dare I admit this?) reading for a good three years. It’s Life Stories from the New Yorker, edited by David Remnick. I so badly want to read it cover to cover, but now smack in the middle, I feel like I am in the middle of the ocean and panting because I’ve been dog paddling for so long!


    1. Um, I do believe you have a young child, one on the way, at least two books in the works (which you have WRITTEN yourself). Ahem. Give youself a big old break, Kate! There’s a time for every season.


  3. I haven’t read Mark Twain in years. You’ve jogged my interest: I’ll go and look out my favourite, ‘Pudd’nhead Wilson’.


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