Internet Fast Bite

Tasteless, ugly things creep in from the margins. Oh, we notice, and we shift uncomfortably, but it’s not the main event, so we ignore it.

I’ve taken an internet fast for slightly over a week. Big deal for me, a self-described news junkie. When I checked back in to various online news and information outlets this morning, I was jarred awake by all the small thumbnails of large cleavage, bizarre tales of twisted family relationships usually with a particularly sick and violent end, people who have accidentally backed over and killed their neighbor’s child, endless “one simple, weird trick” ads for everything from reducing the scourge of belly fat to selling your house. And then there are the animal stories: mostly saccharine, but some disturbing, like the chimp, Travis, a former television star who lived, ate and slept with his owner, then went bananas and  ripped a woman’s face off. God help me, I actually just went and looked at the Wikipedia details on that one.

This stuff has been around forever in some format. The Internet is tailor-made for the viral spread of coarse circuses.  A few days away made it stick out like a sore thumb when I clicked back on.

Clicking off again now. Headed for the woods! Hope you all find a piece of sunshine and a leafy oasis and have a lovely fresh-air day.

5 thoughts on “Internet Fast Bite

  1. I feel the same way about reality television. These Housewives shows somehow suck me in and they are just dreck. I am taking a fast from them. More time to read at night.


  2. So funny, Beth. Just tonight I was thinking, when you get plugged into the blogosphere, Facebook, Twitter, etc., and start practicing a regular schedule of showing up, are we as social media junkies (I know, not the same as news junkies per se) ever allowed to take a break from that regular schedule? Today is Monday. I always put up a blog post on Monday. I am almost always home on Monday. Today, I was out of town. All day. Checked my email once, just now. No blog post. Does anyone notice, because it’s Monday?

    Then I have to laugh, wondering if we just take ourselves too seriously sometimes. The news, maybe the same way. Are we any less influenced or moved when we tune out for a time? Your tuning out allowed you to see the news with a renewed set of eyes – yet it was still the same old stuff. And then – you checked out again! I love it.

    Enjoy your time in the woods. Soak up plenty of nature. And then come back and write about it in that gorgeous language of yours, so we can be treated to something beautiful. =) Happy trails.


  3. hmm. Confession time. I just returned a heavy confessional book about the country next door that we Indians are curious about.(My Feudal Lord/ Tehmina Durrani) Given that I have about 2 hours of personal time…but I read fifty pages before reaching this point…It gets just too much and the sadness and cruelty was seeping into my days. These days i keep the tv off and listen to radio while working, and here there isn’t any news on radio.


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