Digging Deep

Pictures are easy. Words are hard. I’ve posted quite a few photos from our trip on Facebook  for friends and family. That’s fun  — a piece of cake — like a shady stroll to our gate to fetch the morning paper. Words are more like the tough,  “Figure 8” hike we took from the rim to the floor of Bryce Canyon and back again. We began at Sunrise Point, continued on the Queens Garden Trail to the Peekaboo Loop, and finished with the Navajo Loop and ascent back to end at Sunset Point. By the time we got back to the car, we’d done about 10 miles. Not so far on flat land, but this day was larded with significant elevation changes. That last long steep grade almost whipped me. I had to stop numerous times to catch my breath and allow my hummingbird heart to slow before continuing. Anyone who knows me well enough to have been with me in tough spots will recognize what they’re looking at in this photo. It’s me, digging deep.

12 thoughts on “Digging Deep

  1. Beth,
    Don’t beat yourself up. After a number mishaps at the North Rim, at Bryce, at Zion, at Mammoth Mountain, and especially on Mount Olympus in Greece, I finally figured out that some flatlanders just don’t do well with scant oxygen. Also my tolerance for alcohol goes to almost zero. I had trained for all of these hikes, but on level ground. Judging from your energy level, I bet you have a metabolism like mine, level 9.5. the solution, I decided, is to give yourself at least a week at altitude on vacations to acclimate ;-}


  2. Vicariously, I’m breathing hard, imagining beads of sweat on my brow, hoping that calf muscle doesn’t cramp up……and exhilarting at the crispness of the air, the aroma of the conifers, the hues of the rocks in the canyons, the blessed silence of man-made noises……the anticipation of slaking my thirst and a soft mattress.


    1. Good to have a big brother who can “feel my pain” from the hike and yes, the thirst slaking and soft mattress were great, too. Almost as great as the quart of chocolate ice cream Buck and I shared.


  3. I love your pictures, Beth, and always your willingness to be real, rather than a persona doing everything perfectly. Words do come hard, after much digging deep; you inspire me to keep digging.


    1. Ha! Thanks, Deb. I made a mistake with my perfect persona — put it in the washing machine and when I hung it out to dry, a sharp-shinned hawk carried it away, so now I have to make do with my imperfect self . . .


  4. Found you on Richard Gilbert’s wonderful blog, where I know the readers are going to be good writers too. “My hummingbird heart” was my take-away from this piece. Thanks!


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