How to (Unintentionally) Annoy a Young Wild Turkey

At least he looked exasperated to me. Don’t know if he was part of the group of animated pine cones with legs that we saw run out from a hen’s feather skirt a few weeks ago, but he’s probably about the right size to be one of that cohort.  When I saw this little fellow, he was sitting just off the gravel drive from our gate to the house. I stopped the car a good distance away and watched him for a few minutes. He looked at the car, then across the road, pulled his head further into his neck, and fluffed up his feathers almost over his head. I could almost imagine him saying, “Sheesh! I was already having a bad day, and now she comes along.” I didn’t have my regular camera, just the one in my cell phone, but finally decided to crank up the car again and ease slowly past the bird. I was concerned he might be injured, but when I got a closer look and snapped a picture through the open car window, he took an animated little hop over a low branch toward the deeper woods.

One thought on “How to (Unintentionally) Annoy a Young Wild Turkey

  1. This jiggled the memory of waking one morning, many years ago, in Croton on the Hudson, where I lived for one year. I slept on a mattress low to the floor and woke to hear the strangest noises. When I sat up and looked out the window, there were nearly ten wild turkeys strutting and growling about — I’d never seen one and thought that I was dreaming!


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