About Those In-Room Hotel Safes

I am an “early adopter.” Buck is more of an “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” kind of guy. So when I noticed the sleek safe in our room at Zion National Park, I was intrigued. Buck uttered a one-word guttural: “Gizmo.”

It was a rectangular box with a digital keypad, well-ensconced  in an attractive Mission School style armoire, drawers below, flat screen TV above. Very spiffy.

Our first morning at Zion, Buck and I made peanut butter sandwiches for the trail and refilled our water bottles. My eye kept wandering over to the safe. I thought, “Well, it’s here. Why not use it?” So, I experimented with opening and closing it several times with a code I made up on the spot. Worked like a charm. I put our laptop, my billfold, and a piece of jewelry inside and shut the door. Then, just for kicks, I punched in the code to open it one more time.

Nothing. Well, almost nothing. There was this _err #0423 (or something like that) message that appeared on the digital screen. I punched in the code several more times. Same result. Buck noticed my frown.  “What’s up, Twitch?”

I ‘fessed up to fooling around with the gizmo, and called the front desk for help.

“Vince” showed up in just a few minutes. He was a big, stoic guy. “Whatcha got?”

“It’s the safe,” I said. He stood in front of it, bent down, wiggled his glasses around to get them to the right place on his nose, and punched in a universal code. Nothing. He tried it again with the same result. “Yep. It’s dead. Got something in it?”

“I do,” I said.

Vince smacked the gizmo with the flat of his hand. It popped open. Vince gave us a look. Buck and I were aghast. Then we started laughing.

I removed my stuff. Vince closed the door of the so-called safe, then scooped it up under his arm. It wasn’t even attached to the wall in any way. He gave us another look. “Want me to bring you another one?”

We burst out laughing again. “No, Vince. I don’t think we’ll be needing another room safe,” I said. We thanked him for coming to our aid so quickly, saw him to the door, and then sat down on the bed to laugh some more.

“Priceless,” Buck said. “I’m calling dibs on that one to put in my book.”

13 thoughts on “About Those In-Room Hotel Safes

    1. Hey, Jim. See, we did make that trip, after all! The next part is Bryce Canyon, which after considering everything we’ve seen, is, I think, the most spectacular of all. So nice to see you here.


    1. Thanks, Kate. I imagine your engineer husband would shake his head over the idea of an unattached room safe that can just be carried away. Neat and sweet.


  1. What a hilarious story (glad you’re both good sports). Your trip to Zion has me green with envy. The photos are fabulous! So glad I met you at Patrick’s, Beth. I’m so honored to be on your blogroll!


    1. Zion was great, Melissa, but if you’re green now, just wait until I post the Bryce Canyon photos. You will have to go, if you haven’t already been. And you’re not so far from Utah. Re the blogroll — I try to put folks on there who inspire me or entertain me. Your blog is a natural, since it fits into both categories.

      Thanks for stopping by and for commenting.


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