Tiger Swallowtail on Lily in Maggie Valley

Buck and I balanced bowls of  wild rice soup and a saucer of cheese toast on our laps while we enjoyed lunch on the cabin porch here in Maggie Valley. Just as Buck got to the punch line of a new plot twist he is working on, I saw this gorgeous swallowtail butterfly land on one of the lilies in a cluster not ten feet away from my foot.

I tip-toed indoors to fetch my camera. This beauty not only waited for me, but posed patiently.

Lush, generous nature on display at one’s fingertips is one of the many reasons we are drawn to Western North Carolina. I didn’t lurk for hours in an uncomfortable position with a fancy camera waiting and hoping for these photos. It was serendipity, pure and not-so-simple; something that seems to happen here with delightful frequency.

After lunch, Buck and I drove to nearby Waynesville and walked a section of the Greenway— another happy surprise — near the Waynesville Recreation Center.  More on that tomorrow.

11 thoughts on “Tiger Swallowtail on Lily in Maggie Valley

  1. I love the beauty you capture here – and the way you describe serendipity as not-so-simple. But you took the energy to go inside and get your camera … and it was so worth it! I’m sure you know that – and I feel gifted that you are willing to share the beauty you captured with others. Thanks!


    1. I just wish I’d had a waterproof camera when we were sitting in the hot tub several days ago and a fat, furry badger strolled along the hedge row! I had never seen one up close before.


  2. Beautiful. Enjoy Maggie Valley. I’m off today to Yosemite. Your pix of the Grand Canyon and Utah awakened the travel bug in me, so when California friends mentioned camping for a week there……


    1. One of the old laptops we brought has dug in its heels and refused to work for me, so I’ve been slowed down in posting/reading/responding, etc. (good news is, I’m recording chapters on the digital Olympus and using good old-fashioned pen and paper), but I was thrilled to hear about your Yosemite trip and will look forward to reading all about it. We were there many years ago.


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