The Hungry Writer’s Tuesday Kitchen

Sometimes you’ve just got to put down that roller ball pen and fix some real food! We had a hellacious thunderboomer yesterday with sideways rain and sky to ground lightning. Today was a gift, mild and overcast; perfect for chilling on the patio.

I started, finished and submitted a 2,000 word essay to a literary journal today, and am totally whipped out, but satisfied. Damn, it felt good to hit that “Submit” button. It’s been a long time since I sent something out.  The bar is high, and odds of acceptance low, but I am happy.

Buck and I are about to polish off the rest of some vanilla frozen yogurt we have stashed in the freezer and top it off with some fresh strawberries and blueberries. He may go back to his cave to work for awhile afterwards. Me? I’m going to bed with a murder mystery by Atlanta author Karin Slaughter. I’ve never read her work before, but got intrigued by an NPR interview with her yesterday morning. I heard it when I was driving over to feed some friends’ three cats while they’re out of town. One of those cats, Winston, is a slinky black character with grass green eyes. He has this playful habit of sinking a claw in my backside when I stoop down to put food in his dish. I’m pretty sure he was either a stand-up comedian or a hit man in a former life.

I’m zipping through books right now that either have a huge storm in the plot or have a particular slant on Gulf coast life or the South that I want to explore. So, technically, going to bed early to read a murder mystery is Research. Are you buying that line?

14 thoughts on “The Hungry Writer’s Tuesday Kitchen

  1. Yum! Yum! Been thinking of you . Have been making my version of ratatoille with all the fresh vegetables in abundance. Pretty and so good. Wish you were around to share. Hugs to Frank.


  2. I’ll buy it if you’d like! And I think books and their inspiration come to us magically, at the exact right time.


    1. I agree. For instance, the wonderful book you recommended on your blog, A Year of Writing Dangerously: 365 Days of Inspiration & Encouragement, by Barbara Abercrombie, did indeed come to me (from you!) “magically, at the exact right time.” I love that book. Thank you!


  3. I’m buying that line! I’m going to bed to read a murder mystery/thriller by a Swedish author with a kick-ass female protagonist. And today I picked up from the library the memoir you were reading with that wonderful title: By the Iowa Sea. Congratulations on sending out an essay.


  4. Thunderstorms. Cooking a mean meal. Going to bed with a good book. Frozen yogurt. You, your writing, your life – all of it is filled with so many “ahh” moments. It’s just one small reason why I’m glad I am connected to you in this virtual sphere. Good luck with your submission – and congrats for getting some new work out there!


  5. Bet my salmon is fresher than yours. As I write this, it’s been out of the river for two and a half hours. Sure wish it didn’t cost a fortune to send some to you.m Let me know what you think of Karin Slaughter. She gets my dander up.


    1. Compared to yours, any salmon we get here qualifies as venerable if not antique. Re Karin Slaughter. I only read a few chapters last night. The opening crime certainly is gruesome and disgusting. I like her descriptions of rooms better than the dialog. What is it about her that gets your dander up (wonderful expression that my mother used to use — haven’t heard it in awhile). One thing I did notice (don’t know if this is typical for her) is that she sprinkles in some fairly heavy political attitude. I find that device intrusive and annoying in fiction whichever end of the spectrum it comes from. Am I getting warm?


      1. I think I might have discarded her books, but I’ll look to see if any are left around here. Then I can refresh what it was about her writing I didn’t like. I seem to recall cliched situations, mundane plots, etc. I might also have her mixed up with someone else, but I don’t think so.


      2. I found her descriptions of place good and her southern voice true, but didn’t enjoy the violence of the serial killer’s crimes attentuated by their over-the-top bizarre nature. Not my cuppa.


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