5 thoughts on “A Reading from Ancient Lights, a Wonderful New Poetry Collection by Dick Jones

  1. I’m with vjwilder all the way, Beth! It’s an absolute delight to hear ‘Rosie’s Daffodil’ rendered in your gentle tones and accent. And a privilege and a pleasure also to see you read it with such care and commitment. A delight too that you’re enjoying ‘Ancient Lights’. Many, many for this review, Beth: I was so convinced that for a moment I promised myself a visit to Amazon the moment I signed off!

    As to blogging and the passing of the decade during which we’ve both been involved in it, your experiences are very much mine too. So many new friends and such a lot learned. My only regret is that time, distance and funds make more face-to-face encounters impossible. So many times when I’ve read your accounts of life in that pine preserve and looked longingly at the photographs, I’ve wished that I could take plane and check it all out in person!


    1. Ah, Dick. I’m so glad you enjoyed my silliness with your seriousness. And yes, I regret that, too. With the Internet, one would think time travel might be possible and we could just beam ourselves all over the place. I can see, however, how that might create certain difficulties. Egad.


  2. What a beautiful, gentle voice you have, Beth — perfect for reading. I am looking forward to reading more of Mr. Jones’ poetry.


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