Dragon Update

Okay, so my keyboard gets a little sticky, who really cares? Bailey’s Farmer’s Market is next door to Sacred Heart Rehab Center where I am spending an hour twice a week to get my shoulder ready for next year’s baseball season (ha). I could eat this breakfast every day for the rest of my life. It’s nonfat Fage Greek Yogurt (soft and almost fluffy), Bare Naked Vanilla Almond Granola, walnuts, and cinnamon topped with berries and peaches.

Back when I agreed to type and edit Buck’s manuscript for him, I didn’t know he planned on writing Gone with the Wind reduxYesterday morning at physical therapy when I mumbled something about typing 10,000 words on Sunday, Don the PT guru said, “I thought you were using Dragon.” Duh. Well, I had planned to, but it just seemed like too much sugar for a dime, and I was continuing to do it the same old manual way.

Yesterday, though, when Buck cheerfully delivered two more full legal pads to my desk, just as I had come to the awful realization that one of my own characters has to die, I rapped my knuckles on my hard head, and decided to give it another try.

Here’s the answer:  I talked through an entire legal pad in about one-fourth the time it would have taken me to type. Was it perfect? No, but close. Really close. It only took a few minutes to go back through and clean it up.  I was so excited I called Buck in to see the magic for himself. He was astonished. After listening to me reading his words and watching them appear on the screen with paragraphs in perfect order, he finally said. “Maybe I could learn how to do that.”

Oh, he fell into my clever trap big-time. I smiled sweetly and said, “And for your second book, my love, you will.”

I know you’re probably thinking, “Why doesn’t Buck type his own damn manuscript?”  Simple, practical answer to that one. Buck can perform many feats of derring do and has, all his life, including being a marksman and athlete. But he was born with a congenital amputation of most of the left hand which makes rapid typing a challenge. As a working journalist years ago, he could hunt and peck with the best of them on an old Royal typewriter, but just as he does all sorts of things for me every day, as in any great partnership, this is one good turn I can do for him.


9 thoughts on “Dragon Update

  1. I envy you this! I was never able to get the cheaper version of Dragon to work for me–I’m too tactile, I guess. I could use it now, as I’m typing with a bandaged finger. You’re a wonderful person to do this for Buck. But then, we already knew that.


  2. Damn I love your writing! You can get me interested in just about anything. And Dragon – hmmmm. I have stacks of notebooks full of my meandering-by-fountain-pen, and I don’t want to type them into my computer (she whined). Glad you’re moving right along with the PT and the novel. Sorry to hear about the imminent death of one of your characters. Or am I? Maybe that’s a good thing. I’m looking forward to owning a signed copy of this book and reading in bed and recommending it to others.


  3. Yours is an inspiring show of love and servanthood. I am behind, probably, but was a love of writing one of the reasons why you two fell in love?
    PS – Want you to know how much I am loving Anna Quindlen’s book, and how perfect the timing is that I’m reading it right now. I need her voice (even though I’m not … Of her generation. What a gift. If you want it back, I’ll have to buy you another copy. 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing.


    1. No, we were totally action figures then, no time for writing! How lucky, though, that it has come now, and we’re not relegated to golf, or pipes and slippers (heh). Glad you’re enjoying Quindlen’s book. Please keep and continue to enjoy. . . I’ll bet that new little baby is adorable. Hope his big brother feels the same way about him. . .


  4. I don’t know why I can’t get Dragon to work for me. Is it because I’m just using the computer’s built-in microphone? But I end up with a manuscript with sooo many mistakes it’s faster for me to just type. (Plus I’m a super fast typist.) This is despite the multiple, multiple training sessions I did with Dragon to get it accustomed to my voice. Just don’t understand.


    1. Cheryl, I’m guessing, but I suspect you may be right. I’m using a Plantronics wireless earpiece/microphone that came with the system I ordered. Thanks for stopping by — good luck.


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