That’s Isaac with an “I”

We don’t care for tropical storms or hurricanes whose name begins with the letter “I” around here. Ivan was a beast. We don’t believe Isaac shares the same DNA or directional proclivities, but will go out tomorrow anyway and gas up the car and truck, get some cash and a few gallons of water, plus some canned goods, flashlight batteries and candles. And chocolate. Lots of chocolate. Since 2004’s Hurricane Ivan, we ‘ve had a whole house generator, which makes us Hurricane Party central for the family. (It runs a/c for part of the house plus the refrigerator, lights, and oven. The cooktop is gas with an electronic ignition, so as long as the generator works we’re good to go for several days.)

The lovely sunset was a sweet moment in the fading light of this August evening.

9 thoughts on “That’s Isaac with an “I”

    1. Thanks, Charlotte. Me too! We take every storm seriously, of course, because they’re unpredictable critters. I don’t wish Isaac away from here and toward Texas or New Orleans. I just hope it weakens and goes away without causing death and destruction in Haiti, where a lot of people are still living in tents from the last natural disaster, or anywhere else. As for us, we’re 20 miles inland from the coast and well fortified with brick, mortar, hurricane-tested windows and a big generator.


  1. That sounds scary, you take care.
    In an instant nature puts us in our place– the day before my great trip, there was a flash flood in the section of the himalayas i was going to…


  2. Batten down the hatches and stay safe. Just curious: Do you still need AC when it’s raining? Can’t you light your stove with a match? I have a generator too, but when the power’s out I don’t run it all the time. I use the wood stove for heat, plus I can heat food on it. We all cope in different ways, don’t we?


    1. Strange thing about hurricanes, Gully. We can usually tell a day out whether its coming, because if its not, the weather gets significantly cooler as the hot air gets sucked into wherever the storm is. But if it’s coming, and when it’s here, it’s an unusually oppressive wet heat. The ac is not essential, but really nice to have, plus if you can keep the refrigerator going, nothing spoils. Ice in a hurricane is always at a premium, too. You’re so right. We all cope in so many different (and sometimes quite creative) ways.


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