Up A Tree: memoir of a southern girl

  1. Stuckey’s Pecan Logs
  2. Big hissing, foul-smelling orange, red and yellow grasshoppers (eastern Lubbers)
  3. Sugar cane
  4. Chattahoochee
  5. Old South Pit BBQ
  6. biscuits
  7. cane syrup
  8. full immersion baptism
  9. prayer meeting
  10. skate key
  11. strawberry ice cream at Dressel’s Dairy
  12. Tennessee Ernie Ford
  13. tomato gravy
  14. Hush Puppies
  15. shell crackers
  16. cane pole
  17. wigglers
  18. sweet potato pie
  19. Ed Sullivan
  20. Gunsmoke
  21. Have Gun Will Travel
  22. hide and seek
  23. king of the hill
  24. Tarzan vines
  25. French Provincial furniture
  26. linoleum floor
  27. terrazzo floor
  28. Zest soap
  29. smell of chalk
  30. outboard motor
  31. slamming screen door
  32. mother put buttermilk on her cereal by mistake
  33. cherry cream pie at the wake
  34. no crying
  35. no crying
  36. no crying
  37. light wood knot
  38. hibiscus
  39. four o’clocks
  40. training union
  41. metal taste of the piccolo
  42. spit collecting in the flute
  43. piano keys we out on the athletic field where I am playing Paganini at the Agricultural Fair in that hideous blue-green taffeta dress all buck teeth and bangs too short
  44. wooden biscuit bowl
  45. watching mother make biscuits before she forgot how

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