Disconnected in Bass Harbor

I saw a car today with “FLOTSAM” on the license plate. One assumes a “JETSAM” is running around somewhere, too.

There was a lot more, an entire story within a post. I typed it last night, but alas, I am disconnected in lovely, remote Bass Harbor with only string, sealing wax and two tin cans for communication, and it failed to post on my shaky ad hoc system here.

If this post publishes, maybe I’ll send more.

Otherwise, it’s fantastic here in the back of beyond with the man of my dreams, paper and pens.

2 thoughts on “Disconnected in Bass Harbor

  1. There are much worse things to be than disconnected in Bass Harbor, Maine!
    Sometimes it takes becoming disconnected in the “modern” definition in order to become connected or re-connected on so many more levels of existence.
    Thinking of you!
    Love – Wally


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