September’s End at Longleaf

Yesterday morning I walked our woods for the first time in more than two weeks. There were several cool nights while we were away; enough to tinge these oak leaves the colors of autumnal hydrangeas. Today, noisy rain has enclosed me in the sconce-lit dreaming space of my study, where I wear a soft old sundress and pink slipper socks, and drink pomegranate-infused green tea.

Every Blazing Star stalk in the woods seemed to come with its own bee yesterday. The drunken bees were slow and heedless of a camera-clicking person.

The forest was strung with dancing garlands. I wonder if they have tiny bulbs inside that light up at night?

A mushroom with strep throat? Blushing? Don’t believe I should touch or taste this one.

Haven’t you ever had one of those days when you were just too tired to hold your head up a minute longer?

Of course, if you stay down too long, somebody may move in.

Tiny yellow flowers sprinkled as if from a Lilliputian’s basket are everywhere I look. Who wouldn’t be cheered by these bright sprites?

I let a  rafter of 18 turkeys move through the clearing in front of the house before heading out for my walk. They bounded along, stopping every few steps to lunge at something on the ground, either a bug or a seed.  A young deer calmly watched as I moved into the woods. She probably grew up right here and has most likely seen me many times before. Our home, hers and mine.

5 thoughts on “September’s End at Longleaf

  1. hello Beth,
    Ten months away from my wee blog community and so it was very good to walk with you this morning and enjoy the woods through your eyes once more.
    Much has happened to both of us in those ten months no doubt, strange that:0) but you and Buck have often been in my thoughts and as I have looked at the wonderful Maggie photo you sent me I have wondered…today I found out for sure, she’s travelling on into the universe. I understand now why Banaon began a regular long wistful gaze up to the the starlit sky back last November and Rhys and she ask to go out each night to stand and look towards the stars with me wondering why no ‘quickies’ are tinkling in the dark:0) Banon still nose kisses her picture so tonight when they stand out there I will tell Banon I finally understand and smile.
    Love to you and Buck.


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