A New Year’s Eve Wild Mushroom Tour

And why not? I have to go jump in the shower to get scrubbed and ready for kids and grandkids to join Buck and me for a New Year’s Eve “bring your own pizza” party. There will be all varieties, from artisanal to gluten-free and fully-loaded. We’ll have a blast, from ages 13 to 75.

After they leave, I’ll play around some more with fonts and colors, then say my first piece in the new year. Depending on how long they stay tonight, that piece may not get spoken until    mid-day tomorrow.

Meanwhile, I would not that ye have come to this page for nothing. So, here (ta da) is a semi-brief photographic tour of some of the coolest mushrooms in the woods. Buck and I noticed them about two weeks ago when we were out walking.  Something  was knocking many of them over like in a way that looked petulant. You’ll see.

Happy New Year — see you tomorrow and we’ll begin again!

15-IMG_7255 14-IMG_7256 02-IMG_7259-001 03-IMG_7257-001 09-IMG_7270 10-IMG_7265 04-IMG_7261-001 16-IMG_7253 13-IMG_7260 12-IMG_7262 11-IMG_7264 17-IMG_7252 20-IMG_7248 05-IMG_7274-001 19-IMG_7250 07-IMG_7273 01-IMG_7267-001

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