Seat of the Pants Blogging

Seasoning for Hoppin' JohnStand back. It’s New Year’s Day and I’ve got a great big knife. That can only mean one thing: it’s time to fix huge vats of Hoppin’ John and smoky collard greens. I’m slicing and dicing like a woman possessed, my chopping board wiggled out in a space midst the debris of last night’s pizza party frenzy.

Prepping the collard greensSoon as I bash out these words and hit “publish,” I’ll go back to the kitchen to take a pair of scissors to those thick collard leaves and wrestle them into a kettle of already simmering “pot liquor” base  of onions, garlic, smoked turkey leg, chicken broth and an innocuous-looking Habañero pepper.

Black-eyed peas on the simmerThe Hoppin’ John is gorgeous with fat black-eyed peas, fresh thyme sprigs, bay leaves, onion, celery, garlic, the mate to the smoked turkey drumstick that went into the collard stock, and a pretty yellow habañero that I couldn’t resist adding.

This is “Seat of the Pants Blogging.” It’s the kind I used to do when I was a beginning blogger and didn’t know any better, the kind that’s fun to do and maybe fun to read. It isn’t crafted. It’s slung out there, scattered like unmeasured ground pepper.

God help me, I love it.

Hope all ya’ll are having a crazy wonderful day, too.

p.s. In case anyone goes looking, I’ve taken almost all the 9-plus years of blog archives, wrapped them in tissue paper, and put them away in my toolbox to mine for  words, ideas, themes and characters in fiction and memoir projects this year.

8 thoughts on “Seat of the Pants Blogging

    1. The blog looks good! The Hoppin’ John looks good! Apparently, the New Year is off to a “GOOD” start!

      At least in the Panhandle……….. We’re both down for a bit and will catch up as soon as the bugs depart.
      Love you!


      1. Hey, big brother. The Hoppin’ John is good (I had to taste), and there are country ribs baking in barbecue sauce in the oven, along with a couple of sweet potatoes. All we need now are some corn bread muffins. Hope you and The Boss are back on the nature trail soon. Much love.


  1. First time I’ve ever heard a habañero called innocuous-looking. Or perhaps you mean they are devils in disguise.

    I look the new look. I’ve often thought of changing mine, but Blogspot doesn’t offer much in the way of templates and I’m too illiterate to try it on my own.


    1. Thanks, Gully. WordPress makes it too easy for a flibbertigibbet like me. There are themes I like better, but it’s hard to find one with a fairly clean look, is easy to ready, and also has a two-column side-bar. I don’t care for the ones with the “side” bar down at the bottom.


    1. You are a lucky woman to have a garden-growing son, Deanna. The smoked turkey is good, but fresh-from-the garden I like them best with just a little olive oil and garlic and a quick saute. You can do that when they’re young and tender.


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