Saturday Skunk, Talking to a Dragon, and the Allergic Reaction from Hell

Morning: Beautiful snow-white skunk wearing a black skirt, seen moving, wave-like in the green clearing.

Afternoon: Speaking the 4th and final part of Buck’s novel into the Dragon. He has finished the first complete draft of his manuscript. I don’t think the significance of this life accomplishment has fully hit him yet, although I did notice a wonderfully goofy grin this afternoon as he staggered about, lurching from one full legal pad to another. The thrilling news? He has done it and has great energy for the next steps of editing and whatever else may come. The challenge? At a breath-taking 375,000 words, is it one book or four? I say a quartet.

Evening: I feel like my body has almost decided to become my friend again. It reacted to a medication I took and I’ve been the most incredibly puffed-up, red-faced, itchy, blistery and rough-skinned woman you could imagine for several days. Tonight, however, I shall sleep. Ah. . .

5 thoughts on “Saturday Skunk, Talking to a Dragon, and the Allergic Reaction from Hell

  1. There is nothing quite like finishing a manuscript, even if in draft form. A stagger … a good word for it, as the whole experience can feel a bit disorienting, dizzying. So thrilled for him, and know how blessed and lucky he is to have your unending support alongside him. Toast to that!


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