There’s One In Every Crowd

Turkey on the Gate

It’s hard to get anything done when there’s a wild turkey street carnival going on all day everyday in the clearing around the house. Soon as the dense fog burned off mid-morning, there they were. I counted 22, which is the usual cohort. They run around, jump up in the air and chest bump, dance, sidle, and spook the deer.

Best of all, they gladden my heart.

Hope all you folks on the blizzardy eastern seaboard stay warm and safe this weekend.

The chain-link fence gate isn’t a “wire,” but how not to think of Leonard Cohen when you look at that bird, in all its magnificent absurdity?

5 thoughts on “There’s One In Every Crowd

  1. Well I guess not, I wouldn’t get a thing done until that crew departed. I’ve been totally distracted by a flock of robins. hehe. Funny I’ve been rearranging the furniture and listening to Leonard Cohen all night. Don’t have this one though I should.


  2. Such a carnival. Absurd and lovely at once. (Thanks for stopping by my place. I was catching up on your posts earlier today. Hope the writing’s humming along, and that Buck is enjoying his stage of work with his tale/epic.)


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