“Them Turkeys Is Having a Jubilee” (update)

The video is set to “public” now. Who knew? I learn and relearn and unlearn and relearn in an infinity loop! Problem is, now all ya’ll will wonder about the “secret lives of the really wild turkeys” and this rough snippet will be extremely boring. Ah, well, it doesn’t take much to keep me entertained.


THESE WORDS FROM A MAN WITH A JOURNALISM DEGREE FROM THE UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA, a man who was a newspaper editor, and a regional director of corporate public affairs for thirty years. You know who I mean. That Buck. Buck Westmark, who understands more than most that a writer needs to know the rules first before she sets about to smash them up against the old red shed.

David Claude Bailey, freelance writer, king of “cue,” and former executive editor and barista at Delta Air Lines Sky magazine, requested video of our resident rafter of wild turkeys, so I have (ta da) this very morning recorded a satisfyingly rough cut video  on my aging point and shoot. If you listen all the way to the very end, you’ll hear a Good Morning from my gravel-voiced darlin’, the chairman of the board (emeritus) himself.

And if you want to learn more about what to call birds, the folks at birdnature.com have the word. I think a convocation of eagles might be my favorite, but don’t you love an exaltation of larks, a deceit of lapwings, and especially a cauldron of raptors? My timidly drawn fictional characterizations are like stick figures compared to these realities.

And do you find it is impossible to read everything you want to read, even when you keep an open book in every room, including right by the sink where you brush your teeth? What a wonderful problem to have.

Okay, for David, here’s the video. It came up kind of sudden. I’ll try to do better the next time.

6 thoughts on ““Them Turkeys Is Having a Jubilee” (update)

  1. Hi Susan — no, not at all, In fact, it’s public on You Tube. Won’t it play for you? (Although, since I’m inside, all you’re hearing is the CNBC Squawk Box background and my voice!)


    1. Oh the first time it said “This video is private” but maybe you were just tweaking it (or You Tube was) This time around it was wonderful fun. Thanks!


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