Snippet Overheard

The aisle of the grocery store most fraught with longing from slightly overweight persons of a certain age is the nut aisle. I was there myself, trolling, when a handsome mid-sixtyish  man and woman approached with their cart from the opposite direction. He had sandy-gray hair and a well-trimmed beard. Hers was dark blond, short, wavy. Intelligent, alert faces.

She: “I have a good memory.” (American, pleasant, well-modulated)

He:  (snorts, a perfect British-accented snort) “You do not. You have a terrible memory. You remember everything.”

It was clear by my spontaneous smile that I heard their exchange. The woman laughed, too, and made an affectionate “what can you do?” gesture.

I liked this couple. It was a moment.

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