Busting Out of the Culinary Doldrums

Oh man, did we ever make a Homeric mess in the kitchen two nights ago. It was glorious.

Do you ever go through a period when everything tastes like sawdust and you have no interest in food? Especially no interest in shopping for or preparing it. You want somebody to put a plate in front of you at your desk so you can keep on working and not have to bother with any of it.

Buck and I have been in danger of ossifying into culinary dullards.

We busted out Thursday night. It warn’t pretty, but it sure was a party. We decided to use the old electric griddle and try our hand at Teppanyaki-style shrimp, steak, veggies and rice. And sake. Quite a bit of sake, actually.

What can I say? We needed a break. Sure was fun, too.

Don’t you love how the Nike Swoosh glows bright gold on Buck’s shirt from my camera’s flash? Makes him look like a starship officer, all ready to beam up.
Our first course was these tender hibachi-style shrimp dipped in a mixture of Japanese soy sauce, grated ginger, rice wine, sesame seeds and scallions. We probably should have stopped right there.
This is for two people. Looks like there should have been leftovers, right? Nope. My favorite part was the zucchini, onions and Shitake mushrooms.
Pretty little chopsticks, all pristine before they went to work.

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