Palahniuk and Monday Catfish

1-IMG_8371My penchant for kosher salt is sprinkled all over the plate.  This is the essence of a plebeian Monday supper: farm-raised catfish (gasp) from our local Publix grocery store, a sliced tomato, and turnip greens dipped from the quart container we take out once a week from a phoned-in order to the local Cracker Barrel.  Hershey Bar with Almonds to follow to bed with a book.

I’m reading a raft of things, some of which have dribbles of toothpaste on them because I’m trying to eke out a few more paragraphs here, a few more paragraphs there.  Some wind drew me to Chuck Palahniuk’s book ,  Damned which is  one hundred percent out of character for what I might normally choose to read, and I’m loving it. Actually, Palahniuk only sprang onto my radar screen because I (somehow) wound up reading a writing lesson from Chuck wherein he forbade writers to use “thought” verbs for at least the next half-year. The big takeaway for me was his exhortation to not be lazy, and to “unpack” characters. Whoa. I see when I do that it works, when I don’t, the writing may as well be in hell, it’s so dead. So, thanks, Chuck.  I bought your book (one of many) and now I’m hooked.

Gotta run. I have a chocolate bar to eat and a good book to finish.

7 thoughts on “Palahniuk and Monday Catfish

  1. Aha! If you’ve been ordered to obliterate all thought verbs–which I’m sure include all emotion verbs, adverbs, and adjectives, then you need the Emotion Thesaurus. I just recently found it, and it’s super.

    Chuck’s not my favorite author. I tried to read one of his before (*Choke*) because his book was used as an example of unlikable protagonists in *The Fire in Fiction* by Donald Maass. That character was *too* unlikable for me, and I couldn’t read far in the novel, but Chuck’s advice in his writing lesson is solid. I can certainly see how his challenge could strengthen your writing–or anyone’s writing. Terrific post.

    PS: *Love* turn-up greens!


  2. Thanks for stopping by. I just ordered K.M. Weiland’s craft book, Structuring Your Novel, and also the Emotion Thesaurus. Thanks for the heads-up on that. I’m reading “The Fire in Fiction” by Donald Maass right now.

    My motto is: Sleep in the next life!


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