First Cup of Coffee on Thanksgiving is the Best All Year

Thanksgiving morning: hard frost, dazzling sun, vermillion pops of color at the bird feeder, and the fawn who lost its spots has found corn in the trough out back and learned to stand on its hind legs to reach the delicacy. After this accomplishment, she does a dance of joy, running madly in circles.

It is Thanksgiving. Time to make the squash casserole, the wild rice and cherry pilaf, and prep the herb-roasted turkey breast. Coffee’s on. I’m ready to chop, sauté, simmer and roast. I made the Triple Cranberry Sauce (with its secret ingredient) yesterday and packed it into quart-sized Ball jars. Also a pumpkin-cream cheese dip for apple slices, just to prove there’s room for a Mayo Clinic-approved desert side by side with more indulgent treats.

I’m not exactly back to blogging. But Buck and I are on a brief contemplative hiatus in our mad pursuit of novel finishing (me) and agent-finding (him) to walk the woods, gather with family, and savor the holiday.

Best wishes to you and yours. Happy Thanksgiving!


5 thoughts on “First Cup of Coffee on Thanksgiving is the Best All Year

    1. Thank you, Sonia. That old turkey platter gets hauled out every year. I love it, too. It belonged to my late mother-in-law, Lois, and I’m not sure who before that. It’s ironstone, and has a nice heft and feel when you’re washing and drying it after the feast. Strong enough to hold the bird, too!


      1. Hi Beth,
        Sounds that this beautiful turkey platter is really an old family’s treasure! I also have many old crystals and porcelains belonged to my grandmother and to my mother. If you have the time, please, click to see my antiques Antique.
        Have a nice weekend!


  1. A very happy Thanksgiving to you and Buck. So happy to have you appear in my inbox, Beth. It is a gloriously beautiful day here at the foot of the Rockies. Sending love across the miles.


    1. Fantastic to hear from you, Verna. The Rockies are surely one of the most beautiful places on the planet. I’d love to get back there one day. Love rocketing back to you.


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