These are the Days

Buck's birthday sunset 006
Sunset at Longleaf Preserve near Pensacola, Florida

THESE ARE THE DAYS we have been waiting to see. The cold, wet air has pushed out and now the atmosphere is clear and crisp, the perfect recipe for sunsets like this one I captured so long ago in 2004 only a few steps from where I am typing tonight in the pine woods near Pensacola, Florida.

Buck and I have been taking our lopping tools and hand saws to the road between house and gate almost every day this week, trying to sever the “Tarzan” vines strangling some beautiful oaks. I swear I heard a tree take a deep breath and sigh today when we severed a thick vine – thick as a small tree – and together pulled and tugged until it gave up at last and we dragged it from the bound limbs of the fine old oak. We return to the house each day bloodied from hand-to-hand combat with the vicious thorn vines. We feel alive, and we toast each other and laugh, ready to do battle another day with whatever dark forces would strangle life.

4 thoughts on “These are the Days

  1. Because you are so grounded there, you reconnect me with the Florida I love. Especially its winters and skies. Am glad you and Buck have decided to stay at Longleaf, as it appears. Roots give one strength, even if having them also can hurt, seeing aimless change all around.


    1. Yes, I understand what you mean. Roots can hurt, but running doesn’t make the pain go away. Best to stay, find meaning. Just this weekend I found some old video essays (I call them that) and am gradually restoring them into the blog. They’re almost all walks around Longleaf — I’m sure you saw some of them when they were originally posted. I am transfixed by them — not by the sound of my voice 🙂 — but by the ruffled-up feeling in my heart when I look at the woods that I realize is love. I want to make some new videos. The trees are SO much bigger now.


  2. I strongly suspect the wonderful spirit of the oak was not the only sigh of relief heard at Longleaf that evening. Two other souls were lightened as well. Cheers y’all!


    1. Always. The woods and physical exertion are the medicine for almost anything! Good thing we worked on chopping those vines before their sap starting rising. Now it’s almost too late for another year (74 degrees and humid!). I love it.


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