Heralds of Spring in the Pine Woods 2014




At my desk early this morning, I was distracted by a bumping sound outside under the window. I went to look, and saw fuzzy white ears belonging to a small whitetail doe. Her companion, another doe, was foraging for green shoots midway between clearing and woods. Her ears were the typical brown. The white ears were quite distinctive. I’ll recognize her even from a distance now.

One thought on “Heralds of Spring in the Pine Woods 2014

  1. Looks like the season is “Springing” everywhere! Took a picture yesterday of a ten foot mama gator with at least 12 children around her. Also found a White-winged Dove sitting on a tenuous nest of twigs and a Great Horned Owl with two rather large babies.

    Love your “heralds”!

    Life is good.


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