Southern Penicillin


Blog friends who know me from my old blogs written in my real name will recognize this phrase: southern penicillin. Its basic components are a baked sweet potato, some kind of dark leafy greens cooked in a broth (my seasoning of choice is a smoked turkey leg, a strip of Kombu, chopped onion and garlic), and turnip roots, yellow squash, speckled butter beans or whatever other veggies ring your bell and are available. And a pan of cornbread cooked in a Lodge cast iron skillet.

Our local Publix grocery store has just had a $5 million makeover. My favorite part is their new and improved produce department, with all new coolers, lighting, and best of all an expanded greens and organics section. The department manager, Travis, came up to me the other day when he saw I was picking out a pretty bundle of extremely fresh-looking organic collard greens. In his hand was a very dark green, ruffle-leaved ball of organic kale. It was fragrant and beautiful. He knew I would have to buy some. The kale went into the pot with the collards and made the most amazing pot liquor. Tom got a cup of the strained pot liquor to drink along with his veggies. I put both greens and that power broth into a big mug. Tom has always loved this type of supper, but now, while we’re in  “chemo cuisine” mode, he craves it.

Simple food, complex benefits.

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