Gopher Tortoise, Morning Glory & Beautyberry

IT’S ALWAYS A GOOD DAY WHEN  a Florida gopher tortoise (gopherus polyphemus) shows up to graze at the same moment I happen to be looking out the window.

Florida gopher tortoise
Florida gopher tortoise

Look close and you can see the red clay and sand mix from his tunnel still clinging to the back of his shell. I saw a funny video of a gopher tortoise getting his back scratched with a toothbrush and thought about giving that a try, but this guy looked sufficiently pissed off about having his likeness struck that I decided to leave him alone. Scratching a gopher tortoise’s back with a toothbrush isn’t nearly as bad as dressing up a dog in people clothes, but it seemed like it might offend the ancient critter’s dignity.

Morning glory over the stream bed.
Morning glory over the stream bed.

Nature’s lagniappe. It’s there whether I see it or not. I love the shapes of the vine leaves and their textures, some so smooth and others lacy.

American Beautyberry
American Beautyberry

These tiny clusters look like champagne grapes now, but by mid-September they will be large and the color of Crayola’s Hot Magenta.


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