Caring Canines and Generous Musicians

Just three days left.Wednesday. Thursday. Friday. Then we’re essentially done until a PET scan six months from now. Buck and I walked a five mile loop yesterday. No one but me could have looked at him and known his left jaw feels numb, and his throat and the inside of his mouth have grown tender and sore. By the three mile mark, I realized this walk, which turned out to be mostly in the hot afternoon sun, hadn’t been one of our better ideas. He never complained, never slowed his step. I could only tell he was uncomfortable by a certain tension in his face and the fact that he turned quiet.

After a good night’s sleep, Buck was ready to go again. We both have a growing excitement that he is getting an A+ in lymphoma recovery. And that we’re going home Saturday morning.

A note about the radiation oncology waiting area. You never know what you’ll see. I’m not talking about the patients and their loved ones. I’m talking dogs (Caring Canines) and entertainers. And you wouldn’t believe how much I look forward to them.


Here’s “Sunday,” a Golden Doodle (cross between a Golden Retriever and a Standard Poodle) therapy dog. And she’s not only photogenic as all get out, but intuitive, tender, and focused on each person in the room, one at a time. I remain dazzled by this beautiful sweetheart.


I’m sorry I don’t know their names, but this talented duo popped into the waiting room one afternoon and startled the heck out of me. I was just fine, tapping my toe and humming along while they sang their first number, “Sea Cruise.” But when they segued into “Stand By Me,” I lost it. Not totally, but right about then Buck emerged from the double doors of the radiation area, and I got up, tears streaming I admit it, and walked over to where he was leaning against a nearby wall, listening, and smiling at me. Man, it was a moment.

Tonight was one of those yummy breakfast-suppers: whole wheat pancakes with an Ambrosia apple chipped up in them and a mug of Tazo Organic Peachy Green Tea. We have an early morning, and are turning the lights out in a few minutes. Well, maybe not all the lights. I’m just finishing a fun suspense novel, “Boy In The Water,” by Stephen Dobyns. I love it when we rent a house and find a shelf or two of books left by others who have gone before us. “Boy In The Water” was published in 1999. Dobyns, a prolific poet and novelist, had not previously crossed my radar screen. I’m looking forward to other entertaining reads from his fertile imagination.

Thanks for your kind thoughts, Deanna, and Richard — appreciate you stopping by.

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