Fresh Start

It’s a warm,  foggy Sunday on Florida’s Gulf coast. But inland, secluded in a forest of Longleaf pines and spreading Live Oaks. Quiet in the house. Husband reading. Dog snoozing.

And me? I just destroyed roughly thirteen years of blog posts at WordPress and my world seems awfully silent after all that bashing. Not to worry, though, it’s not so melodramatic as I make it sound.

At heart, I am a cautious woman. The first thing I did was download BlogBooker, a clever utility for transferring blog content essentially intact to either a Word Document or a PDF. I chose Word because the project is editable.

I wanted a fresh start to write about writing, reading, dreams and how it feels to grow old without the years of archives weighing me down and creating expectations.

My red box of dreams is empty except for invisible germs of ideas and a few tiny crumbs of inspiration. The blank slate feels serene, expectant.

Thanks for stopping by. What are you writing about today?

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