Blog Design: The Problem and Opportunity of Categories and Tags

Gee, don’t you love it when I talk technical?  Seriously, though, this might be important. At least, it sure is for me. I find something last night in an old box of novel-in-progress notes. Like so much that happens in life, it was a good thing in the wrong place, really, the best deep-dive thinking I’d ever done on the vexing issue of imposing a broad contextual order on a blog (any blog) I might write. Especially for the myriad of peripatetic stabs in the dark I’ve made over the years.

I’ll do a brief post on each of the new categories, and then will get rid of my 1001 current categories (maybe not quite that many) and relabel them to fit into one of the following eight broad groups. We are not posting in indelible ink, here. It’s always a work in process. Erasures, cross-throughs, and do-overs are where the heart peeks through.

  • Creative Life
  • Daybook
  • Home, Growing Old, Friends, and Food
  • Inner Space
  • Love
  • Memoir
  • Nature
  • Travel

Tags are the place to celebrate the specific.

Thanks for stopping by. What are you writing about today?

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