Inland from Hurricane Michael

I just spoke to my younger brother and am greatly relieved to know he and his friend have evacuated from Apalachicola and are in a motel in Gainesville. She has medical issues that require guaranteed power to help her breathe, so Steve had to be sure his choice of sinecure was reliable.

Buck and I live roughly 200 miles from Apalachicola, about the same distance as Apalachicola to Gainesville. But while our home is nearly 20 miles inland from the beach, there’s a lot of dangerous, traffic-clogged turf to cover between there and here. I’m relieved they are high if not dry, in Gainesville.

Today Buck, Lula Belle and I walked around the fire lines at Longleaf. The entire property is about 90 acres, but our bush-hogged walking path, plus a gravel road to the gate, was about 3 miles. Warm and humid, but glorious. Once Hurricane Michael has passed through, which we expect around mid-day tomorrow, the ensuing ten-day forecast looks great, with temps finally dropping into the mid-seventies for daytime highs and high fifties at night.

The fall wildflowers are emerging: all sorts of lavenders and golds are decorating the forest. Well, why talk about it when I can show you?

Walk with me!

2018 10-9 Buck woods walkIMG_0497 (2)2018 10-9 morning glory woodswalk2018 10-9 Lula in the stream 12018 10-9 Lula in the streambed 2IMG_0500 (1)IMG_0507 (1)IMG_0511 (1)IMG_0506IMG_0503IMG_0502 (1)IMG_0501 (1)IMG_0526IMG_0525IMG_0519IMG_0516IMG_0515IMG_0513IMG_0512


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