Hello Again, World

Like my old friend who lives here at Longleaf, gopherus polyphemus, I think it’s high time that I stick my neck out just a bit and come out of my well-upholstered shell.

I awoke this morning from the deepest sleep I can remember in a long time, hair tangled and damp and though a fever had broken. And maybe it has. A fever of the spirit, chronic for many months.

Maybe it was last night’s chicken soup?

Made from a whole (Publix Greenwise) chicken, carrots, celery, onion, broth and lots of fresh-ground pepper

More later, but the time for early morning walking is here and I’m not going to miss this incredible 52 degree Florida panhandle morning. We have had rain for two days, beautiful rain, breaking a high-heat drought that went on the entire months of August, September and the first week of October. The morning is glorious. Lou, the little Lab, and I are heading off to the gate. She of course wears a fur coat every day. I plan to wear my usual shorts and t-shirt and savor the shiver.

Hope all is well in your neck of the woods whether it is morning, evening or dark night when you read this post. (Funny — when I first posted this, I wrote “Hope all is well in your neck of the words.” Freudian. And my true thought — I do hope the ink is flowing for you.)

Have a good one!

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