tools for the writer’s subconscious

So yes, “ripe yellow” really is Moleskine’s descriptor for the color of this 2020 daily diary/planner. Quite a departure from my usual choice of matte black.

Moleskine’s “ripe yellow” looks more like India Yellow, or maybe even Yellow Ochre or Raw Sienna. I like the way it looks against the dark gray-blue of my Knodel desk pad. The gray-blue corresponds to a Hague Blue, or in watercolors, maybe Daniel Smith’s Indigo.

Last year I started sticking pieces of torn paper, fabric, corrugated cardboard, all sorts of things into my daily planner, dabbing it with watercolor, stamped color using a cork, whatever’s at hand. Strange, but it makes writing come more easily and (I’ll say it) — adds to my happiness quotient. I guess because it’s play. Makes that invaluable child’s mind more accessible to my stodgy, duty-bound adult self.

This post is taking forever because I’m continually distracted thinking about and looking up colors that interest me to focus on as a backdrop for 2020. So I just ordered a few watercolors: Daniel Smith’s Pyrrol Scarlet and Indigo and Holbein’s Olive Green. I already have various yellow tones that will go with these, including raw sienna and ochre. I’m looking for a Mediterranean vibe, and may need to bring in a sea blue, but will play as I go and see.

I’m certainly no artist, but playing with these beautiful colors somehow draws the words out of me, and that’s the idea. They’re a great tool for the subconscious.

I just tried some watercolors I have on hand. This generally fits with the scheme in my mind’s eye.
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Thanks for stopping by. What are you writing about today?

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