big cat leaves strange tracks

When Lou and I made our usual walk to the gate yesterday morning, just before we got to the stream, (about half the third of a mile walk), I began to see odd horizontal cuts in the asphalt millings road bed.

They continued all the way to the gate, where I saw the source of these symmetrical tiger paws.

It was a D4 CAT bulldozer, brought in by a subcontractor to a subcontractor to the engineering company hired by our county to clear a path for a drilling rig to obtain core samples for storm-water pond sites.

This is all preparatory to a road cutting through the middle of Longleaf to straighten out the dangerous, crooked, substandard road we have all lived with so long. It’s both a good thing and a disturbing thing.

Regarding the D4 CAT, we thought the operator would bring his trailer to an offload point that didn’t require walking the CAT down our driveway road.

When one of our grown granddaughters was a tow-headed tot, she famously said, “Oops happens, Mommy.” Sure does, kid. Just about every damn day. Sure does.

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