dreams deferred

“Patsy” and “Doc” will have to wait. Luckily, I wrote down enough of the dreams when I first staggered out of bed yesterday morning to fix the memory in place. Buck and I spent most of yesterday preparing for and briefing some of our local officials on our property rights issue coming before the planning board February 4th. Today is for reading the fine print on some ancient scrolls (old meeting transcripts) and a luncheon of the Pensacola High School class of 1955, Buck’s graduating class and a group of folks I have come to love. I’m always the “babe” in the room because of my relative youth (only 68), but they seem to like me okay anyway. We meet at a little local Italian restaurant called Franco’s. They make a mean minestrone soup. Hang in there, Patsy and Doc. I’ll tell your story soon.

2 thoughts on “dreams deferred

  1. First things first. I’m happy to wait for Patsy and Doc. Best wishes with the pressing issues you and Buck are dealing with.


    1. Thanks — Our planning board hearing is February 4 and then, whatever the result, it will come before the full county commission on the evening of March 5. Most of the reaction is supportive, but there is small but vocal opposition to anyone opting out of the sector plan. We believe our case, along with those of our neighbors, is solid and makes good, common sense, but when you get into the public arena and political animals are involved, things can be unpredictable!


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