if you own a house or vacant land . . .

Make a note to yourself to call your local planning and zoning authority and make sure that what you think is your zoning really is your current, effective zoning. Ask questions like: are there any overlays on my property? Is it within the footprint of a master plan? Is my normal county zoning the same as my effective zoning? (In other words, if I am in a low density residential zoning category (known here as LDR), does it mean it can be developed with 4 dwelling units per acre, which is in the Land Development Code for LDR. Or is there an overlay put on it without my knowledge or consent that reduces that number to 3 dwelling units per acre, plus requires open space design, meaning 50% of my land must be severed through a legal instrument and never, ever be developed, and requires mandatory clustering on the remaining 50%. Even if, like is the case with our neighbor’s land, there are zero wetlands — it is an old horse pasture — she would be required to give up half of her high and dry upland property. That is the essence of our challenge to the unfair overlay and our request to opt our land out of it and keep our normal low density residential county zoning.

The county put their public notice signs out Friday. We expect the files, including our applications and their staff analysis, to go online sometime next week. And then, before we know it, it will be showtime for everybody.

7 thoughts on “if you own a house or vacant land . . .

    1. Hey, if it’s popcorn-worthy, I’ll send you a link to the hearing video! In fact, soon as the agenda for 2-3 is online, I’ll send you the link and you can watch live. It’s a Tuesday morning (8:30). Should be just right with a cup of tea in one of your cool mugs :).


      1. You and Buck are amassing an arsenal of information so you have the facts to support your case.

        Good going, y’all.


  1. We have been working on this for more than a year. A number of our neighbors are distressed at what was done to them. Good news is folks are getting the word. It’s way past time for a true community discussion. This will work out, but it certainly is a cautionary tale for any community or neighborhood considering hiring out-of-town consultants to create a master plan that seems to good to be true. We’re not trying to blast anyone or burn the house down. We just want to untangle the zoning mess and use what we’ve all learned to make our land planning better (without taking anyone’s land without just compensation, that is!) The devil truly is in the details. What a learning experience!


    1. I have no doubt you aren’t going to ask for more than is right. Best wishes. I know you aren’t trouble makers but won’t be taken advantage of either.


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