organizing (does it ever stop?)

I’m still adding back in old archived posts from earlier blogs, which throws categories and tags into a tizzy. It will take a while to get them to play nicely with each other and agree to subsume their enormous egos and let me assign them to several large, umbrella themes.

Like these: (Found in the Footer 1 Widget Area). Honestly, I could never “get” footers. I like to have “what you see is what you get” via a sidebar. I may have to change to a 3-column format. Mostly, I should shut up, quit fussing, and write. Right? Meanwhile: ta da, or something like that.

THEMES (master categories)

Comfort Zone: Home. It’s the comfort zone. Be nurtured by the cozy soft bits you collect to feather your nest. We need a place of retreat, a shock absorber for life’s shrapnel. Posts about health, aging, friends and food are here, too.

Creative Life: Struggle and exult as you nourish the some days fragile stem, other days lusty baby of whatever a creative life means to you. Write. Make art, music, love, a home. Read, listen, and gaze upon myriad human-made works until your eyes are wet with tears of joy. There is where wholeness dwells. Book reviews and writerly stuff found here, too.

Daybook: The master log. Everything, including the kitchen sink. A hot mess. My life. I love it. Most posts here are also in another category.

Inner Space: It’s the heart of the matter. Go inside your mind. Your soul will meet you there. Be awed by the mystery. It will feed you. Dream journals live here.

Love: Love wildly, like it’s a bottomless cup of the best elixir in the world. It is. No stinting allowed. It’s the ultimate act of enlightened self-interest and the most radical act. Stories from a long-running happy marriage are here.

Memoir: Remember everything. Make a record when you can. It’s a way of conecting the dots. No one else has been where you have been or will go where you will go. Your memories stand against the days of loss. They are stepping stones across an ocean of meaning to a continent of understanding.

Nature: Connect, weave yourself into the natural world. Lessons from the green nourish and change us for the better. Study the intricacies of lichen and web. Put down a taproot or become an air plant. Observe. Mind open and eyes wide. Breath. Photos and notes from Longleaf Preserve are here.

Travel: Perch like a bird on the edge of the world. Get out of Dodge and dive in. Experience the thrill of the unfamiliar. It’s found in that place outside the comfort zone, somewhere between fear and ecstasy. Touch and taste the incredible awayness of it all.

One thought on “organizing (does it ever stop?)

  1. I loved reading this post. Yes, yes, yes.

    As far as organizing my writing, I never have, so it hasn’t begun and will surely never end if I start. 🤣


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