At Home

Be it ever so humble or never so humble, there’s no place like home, if you’re fortunate enough to have one. Buck and I remain at home on this seemingly perfect Gulf coast Florida day. I played ball with Lou Lou Belle while soaking up some rays and letting the old bod manufacture some Vitamin D. The soft breeze was a bonus.

On morning walks, I admire the industry and skill of spiders weaving snares for prey and homes with silken hammocks all over the woods.

And in our own kitchen last night, what could be more comforting than this rosemary maple butter roasted chicken? And yes, it was as delicious as it looks and the aroma of fresh rosemary, maple syrup and roasting chicken was intoxicating. I’m thinking the leftovers will make fabulous chicken sandwiches today.

Our county (Escambia) remained steady overnight, with no new Covid-19 cases confirmed. The current reported total is 21.

2 thoughts on “At Home

  1. I’m getting lots of fresh air as well although the temps here are in the 40s, it’s windy and cloudy. I bundled up and did some litter picking, took a walk with Lon to a nearby park and ran home.

    I haven’t watched but a tiny bit of the news yet today but will eventually. I’m finding plenty to do from when I get up around 5am until I take 4 pills for anxiety, sleep and depression. Within half an hour, I make my way to bed. If I don’t get to bed, I fall asleep in my chair or stagger when I try to get to bed. I’m lucky I haven’t fallen.

    I hope to get to your other blog posts soon. Since I’m retired, I’m reorganizing many closets and drawers, etc.

    There is no place like home and you, Buck, Lon and I are fortunate to have fabulous living quarters.

    Shaddy (Cheryl)


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