Baby Bunny in the Pool

Some time or other we all hop in the wrong direction and land in deep water. If we’re lucky, we find a place to huddle and hope for a hand and not a hawk. This wee bunny was huddled on the molded ladder step of our swimming pool early this morning. I fetched thin slices of carrot, shredded a bit of lettuce, found a small container and lined it with a soft towel, then slipped out the sliding glass doors, leaving Lou Lou Belle inside. I wanted to be sure it really was a baby bunny and not a woods rat. I knelt on the concrete and peered over into the recessed space. Bunny. Sitting in about a half inch of water. I tried to offer a bite of lettuce, but it floated away. Not good. That bunny needed to get out of the pool, but it was tricky. Luck was a major factor — I was able to get a decent hold on the now struggling bunny, who leapt out of my hands as soon as it was on dry land. Immediately hopped over to a clump of grass and began nibbling. Whew. I looked out to the edge of the woods where I have been seeing two adult rabbits the past few weeks. Sure enough. One of them, maybe Mama, was watching. “Here’s your baby. Right here. I’ll take Lou for a walk to the gate. You come get your baby while I’m gone.” Lou and I took a good long walk. Baby’s gone. Mama’s vanished, too. It’s going to be a really good day.

2 thoughts on “Baby Bunny in the Pool

    1. I just did today — thank you! 🙂 We don’t go to check our post office box very often, and when I went today, there was a lovely surprise — from you! It’s beautiful.


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