Day by Day Art Journal

A couple of generous art souls are encouraging me with bite-sized art challenges and short courses, which I find suits my creativity-seeking starts and stops method perfectly.

One such individual is Kasia Avery, a kind and marvelous teacher whose Everything Art website offers classes which vary in length from a few days to an entire year. She offered a free art-journal style Advent Calendar short course last year that was one of my best on-line experiences ever. Kasia’s firm but gentle coaxing was effective. I wound up with a bundle of new skills and a small journal that re-inspires me every time I pull it from the shelf. In January, I enrolled in Wanderlust 2019, a year-long class featuring not only herself but a panoply of gifted artist-teachers. In only a few weeks, I was completely overwhelmed and hopeless behind. (That said, once enrolled, participants have continuing access to the classes and all-important videos, so I have a treasure-trove yet to explore.)

A few days ago, Kasia started a 15-day course called Day by Day Art Journaling. I signed up and am enjoying it immensely. These short time periods work well with my Restless Head Syndrome!

Another fun, massively creative teacher is Marieke Blokland, whose Bloknotes Art School, “raw and quirky,” is so clever and feeds my love of the abstract. Marieke recently offered a 5-day art challenge. It was a blast and oh by the way, an amazing learning experience.

I took an old blank 5×7 mixed media journal and covered the front with a card stock copy of some ancient Japanese wave art downloaded from the Internet Archives, then decorated it. Actually, I’m pretty sure I went at least three steps beyond where I should have stopped.

I’m adding in whatever suits my fancy, along with the exercises from Marieke’s art challenge and Kasia’s Day by Day prompts.

No better way for a writer to quiet that still, small, destructive, voice of her internal editor than to get a little dirty playing with paints. It’s helping me learn what I really think.