a comfort food supper for the times: sheet-pan chicken with new potatoes, onion, oregano and feta cheese –

Four thighs = two suppers for Buck and me. Tonight we enjoyed the leftovers.

There were glimmers of hope from the Covid-19 modelers this morning, along with constant incoming reports from individual states.

One of our air-conditioning system baffles stopped working today, so I called our long-time professionals, Mooneyham HVAC, to come send Danny to the rescue. He fixed the problem. We know Danny. We love Danny. But nonetheless, soon as he left, I wiped down door handles, thermostats, even the dog, with a Clorox wet wipe, then washed my hands in hot water while saying the Lord’s Prayer (20 second version!), while Buck poured me a Scotch and water before dinner.

Stay safe as you can, all y’all.

simple stay home supper

When I ventured to the grocery store recently, there was one little fresh cabbage left in the bin. It was missing most of its outer leaves. I picked it up. Put it back down. It reminded me of Charlie Brown’s Christmas tree. I retrieved it and took it home.

I braised the little cabbage in a bath of chicken broth. It fed us well last night, along with a baked sweet potato and garlic-roasted pork tenderloin.

We are grateful to be in a place of comfort and relative safety here in the Longleaf woods, but our hearts are breaking for New York and the other hardest hit areas.