Ever Dreamed of Visiting Antarctica?

Gentoo penguin and ice berg at Base Brown, Antarctica (photo by Gullible)

FRIEND AND FELLOW BLOGGER, GULLIBLE, not only dreamed it, she achieved it last November. And now, she’s interwoven the experience and photographs from her own comfortable, but nonetheless thrilling, modern-day expedition with riveting narrative of Sir Ernest Shackleton, his ship The Endurance and its crew, and their harrowing, heroic exploits in Antarctica.

It’s an exciting, 30 chapter (plus Afterward) read. The photographs are fabulous. If it doesn’t stir within you a desire to go adventuring, better check your pulse to be sure there is one.

Here is a link to get you started:  The Antarctic Journals, Chapter 8 by Gullible (pen name of Alaska writer Jeanne Wait Follett).

Gentoo penguins in Antarctica (photo by Gullible)
Gentoo penguins in Antarctica (photo by Gullible)

Congratulations Gully!

Just got some fanstastic news from a blog and writer's group buddy. Her name is Jeanne Follett, also known as "Gully." I'll let her tell you in her own words.

"I am going to have two stories and one piece of doggerel published
in "Alaska Women Speak," the summer edition. Wow. I submitted these
three pieces and they are going to publish all three! You guys have
already been subjected to them: "Frozen Grapes," " and the earth has
music" (the Stellar's Jay), and "A June without Summer."

"Alaska Women Speak" is a quarterly, published since 1992, and is
devoted to "the exchange of ideas, literature, art and heart talk, as
well as a statewide update of women's political and social ideas and
activities." It is available in Alaska at Barnes and Noble, Borders
and independent bookstores around Alaska. I think I saw it on
Amazon, too.

I'm preening my feathers……. Finally, a publishing credit."


Click here to check out Gully's new blog, Gullible's Travels. Luckily she has a parrot named Pablo to help preen her well-deserved feathers.