Forest Trilogy

Forest Trilogy from Elizabeth Westmark on Vimeo.


Part 1: We planted longleaf seedlings in a slash pine neighborhood. For several years, they failed to thrive. The seedlings developed a blight that killed some and stunted the survivors. For a time.

Part 2: Here is a borderlands between Longleaf Preserve and a jumping-off place dark swamp. Turkeys like it for roosting. It is "in" but not "of;" a betwixt and between place offering cover, food, water and a hasty retreat when needed, to one side or the other.

Part 3: Pave paradise?

Iron Rock Forest

Iron Rock Forest on Vimeo from Elizabeth Westmark on Vimeo.


Imagine young seedlings pushing tender toes through a bed of iron rock.

And yet. Behold!

In this process of learning how to post videos, I am still subjecting readers/viewers to my own learning curve. The results so far are mixed, and there are still a couple of thorny technical hoops to jump in order to improve the final effort, but I think (hope) that is in the spirt of blogging. Do it. Try it. Make it better. Learn. Have fun. Move on. 
Turns out there are more than six videos from that one morning walk. I'm just going to keep on posting them until we get back to the stream bed for a burbling meditation. Between the Iron Rock Forest and the stream, there are miles to cover, some talk of paving paradise, a disjointed monologue on wild blueberries, the stock market, and the need for wildness in our lives.


 In case you have been wondering where all the acorns went this year, they came here. To Longleaf Preserve, on the Gulf coast of Florida, near Pensacola. Acorns. Pine cones. Yaupon berries. A strange and wondrous confluence of abundance.

Weeping Hill and Number 6

Here’s the second in the Longleaf verite’ six-pack. Run time is 8:05 minutes.

The path changes from sandy and dry to wet. Volunteer slash pines, ti ti, bog buttons, hatpins and sundew abound here. Underground water runs through here, making a “weeping hill” that breaks through to the surface in places, making an ever-present dug-out place and a slow drip drip drip waterfall.The old shooting house has high, rickety stairs. The food plot on Number 6 is lush. It hides bunnies. The green browse feeds pregnant does. Flocks of doves and painted buntings will come to feast when the grasses make seed heads in a few months.

Shadow and Tracks

Shadow and Tracks on Vimeo from Elizabeth Westmark on Vimeo.

 I had almost forgotten about my little Flip Video Mino. Charged it up early yesterday morning and headed out. If you're up for a rambling, gabby walk with a shadowy southern woman, then find your favorite earphones, go to full screen and hit play. This is a Longleaf verite' six-pack. I'll be uploading the other five and learning more about Vimeo's gadgets this weekend. Runtime is 4:45 minutes.

Note:  I am finding that sometimes the replay of this works perfectly; other times there are some stops and starts that are annoying. Via Negativa's Dave Bonta has offered his technical assistance to help me with this and other issues.

How about you? Is it working properly, or are you experiencing the starts and stops or some other problem? Thanks for helping me learn how to do this!