Kiteley #44: The Argument


In this one, from his fine book The 3 A.M. Epiphany, Dr. Kiteley has us play with how men and women argue. He constantly encourages us to take different points of view, to get out of our comfort zones. Here’s a 200 word spritz where I experiment with a male voice.  Kiteley’s exercises are the downward-facing dog of word prompts. In case you can’t tell, that’s a compliment, Brian.

She was a small woman and not particularly strong, but by God, when she got a snoot full of booze and was pissed at me for some perceived slight or infraction, I’d better be ready, because she was coming at me. That little woman would throw books, vases, vodka bottles, ashtrays, candlesticks, anything at hand she could grab hold of. Hell, more than once she launched herself at me, a feisty, slightly drunk blond projectile, pummeling me with her small, red-nailed, manicured fists. I never wanted to hurt her, but my refusal to engage seemed to piss her off even more. She kept up a steady stream of insults and curses all the while throwing punches or objects. Some of the insults got my dander up. Some were funny, but the last thing in the world I should do was laugh. Laugh and it would turn into a crying jag for hours. Mostly I let her pound on me until she wore out and we wrestled around on the floor some until her mood changed to sex. She would collapse into my arms like a tired child and I’d carry her to the bedroom.